Introducing HiDAZE, an electrifying all-girl alternative band hailing from the enchanting hills of East Tennessee. With a dynamic blend of raw emotion and captivating melodies, HiDAZE stands at the forefront of the music scene.

Consisting of the captivating vocals and guitar riffs of Emery Ball, the band's introspective lyrics explore the complexities of life, love, and self-discovery. Ava Finkbeiner's enchanting voice and commanding bass lines add a magnetic rhythm that anchors the group's sound, while Lila Satterfield's intricate guitar work weaves a tapestry of sonic exploration.

Emma Combs lends her ethereal voice and keyboard prowess, elevating the band’s sound to new heights of musical enchantment. Behind the kit, Sarah Williams drives the band's heartbeat with powerful and precise drumming, infusing each song with an irresistible energy that leaves audiences spellbound.

From intimate local venues to the grand stages, HiDAZE’s live performances are a mesmerizing experience, connecting fans through their evocative lyrics and stirring melodies. The band's genre is infused with elements of folk, rock, and pop, resulting in a vibe that is uniquely their own.

HiDAZE’s music is a sonic journey, an invitation to explore the depths of human emotions and discover the magic within. With their fierce determination and unapologetic authenticity, HiDAZE is destined to make an indelible mark on the world of alternative music.